Presentation Skills Training

Delivering presentations to clients and colleagues is a fact of working life. The ability to present information in a confident, clear and persuasive way in the workplace is essential for employees at all levels. Expert presentation skills training is required to help you deliver your presentation in a way that engages your audience.

Why us?

At Stillwater Communications, we transform professionals who are uncertain about delivering presentations into confident public speakers. From content and structure, to delivery styles and techniques, we work with individuals to help them communicate their message clearly and effectively with confidence.

Our Approach



We help you Discover the key focus of your presentation and the key messages that you want to get across. We also help you identify who your audience is and how you want to influence them.



We then teach you how to Develop your content to be memorable, understandable and relevant to your audience, and how to structure it. We also teach you how to persuade your audience using values, examples, evidence and stories.



Finally, we help you Deliver your presentation in a confident, clear and persuasive way. Our presentation training combines theory and practice; participants are recorded and provided with constructive feedback on their presentation skills.