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What We Do

We are business and people advisors who help organisations tackle strategic problems.
Whether you are charged with effecting organisational change, are upskilling your team or need to drive performance,
our story-led approach delivers practical solutions that stick and have long-term, sustainable impact.

About Stillwater & Our Associates

We are a team of Communication Experts, Strategists, Story Consultants, Organisational Behaviour Specialists and Coaches. Like you, we have built businesses, changed careers, dealt with crises and managed people, all against a backdrop of a changing and complex world of work. We are practical, direct, and honest. We are committed to your success, and we are in it for the long haul.

Natasha Fennel

Natasha Fennell

Communication Expert &
Leadership Coach
Rebecca Bury

Rebecca Bury

Communication &
Organisational Behaviour Specialist
Cilian Fennell

Cilian Fennell

Storytelling Consultant & Strategic Advisor

Mary Carroll

Leadership Coach & Emotional Intelligence Specialist

Fiona Slevin

Strategist & Business Builder
Aoife Kelly-Cooney

Aoife Kelly-Cooney

Organisational Behaviour Specialist & Programme Coordinator

Maria O’Donoghue

Organisational Development Expert & Leadership Coach

Niamh Mongey 

Communication & Events Specialist

Our Clients Include

Our combined experience has seen us work with businesses across the Pharmaceutical, Insurance, FMCG, Technology, Finance, Small Business and Media industries to help them realise their ambition and align with their strategy. Interventions we’ve delivered for these clients range from narrative development and communication upskilling to embedding company values and helping leaders transform themselves.

Delivering Results That Stick
Stillwater Communications pitching

Engaged Employees


A PLC needed to re-motivate its employees after a major change that saw significant disruption to how they work. After unpicking the problem with the client, we designed a programme that built employees’ confidence, helped them understand the value they bring to their roles and ultimately realigned their purpose with the company strategy.

Stillwater Communications story telling for business

Unified Story


A pharmaceutical company was about to launch its 5-year strategy and needed a unifying story that acknowledged a challenging past but provided a clear vision for the future. Our discovery-led approach ensured we met employees where they were at, not where the leadership team thought they were. Together with the senior leadership team, we co-created the story, identified the systems and processes that needed to change and upskilled employees in key communication areas that would ultimately help to deliver the 5-year strategy.

sustained change

Sustained Change


A major FMCG company was going through significant change and its leadership team needed to align with the new strategic growth plan for the business. Through facilitation, one-to-one coaching and bringing leaders through their own story of change, the Hero’s Journey, the team redefined their identity and purpose, their new ways of working and were now ready to implement their new strategy.