An impressive pitch not only increases your potential for success and growth, but ensures that your stakeholders are shown the very best attributes of your business. An idea is only as good as the pitch that accompanies it.

Cilian Fennell

Cilian Fennell is Ireland’s most sought after pitching coach and has worked with clients including The Ireland Funds, The Guinness Foundation, Enterprise Ireland and Accenture. Cilian is the resident pitching coach with Highway1, the tech start-up accelerator in Silicon Valley where he coaches the programme’s start-up teams on how to pitch their company and their offering. So far, Cilian has coached 65 Highway1 companies that have raised over $130 million.


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My Approach

I totally believe that a good pitch is first and foremost driven by content and story. Yes, your body is important, but I have discovered that once you believe in your content, your body has a wonderful way of looking after itself. It all begins with your content which means understanding your problem, solution, vision, team, strategy, business model and your ask.


All this must be structured in a coherent narrative that leads your audience on a rational and emotional journey. It must be delivered in a way that is interesting, memorable, relevant and understandable and enhanced by visuals or demonstrations that support all you are saying.”

Elements covered include

The Pitching Context

Understanding the audience and where you are trying to bring them.

Defining value

The Storytelling Approach

What’s your story and how can we effectively shape it?

State then Qualify

The Hero’s Journey to Innovation

5 rules of slides

9 Essential Elements of a Successful Pitch

The 5 types of stories

6 Pillars of Persuasion

Stand and Deliver