About this project

Before coming to us, Elave was a relatively unknown brand in Ireland and didn’t have the status and reputation it deserved. We’ve now changed that narrative, positioning the brand as a leader in sensitive skincare in Ireland.


With our blend of PR campaigns, social media and event management, we have established recognition for the brand as being uniquely Irish, as developing world-class, safe and clean products, and as leaders and innovators in sensitive skincare.


In 2017, we increased visibility for the Elave Dermo-Renew & Baby ranges and worked with the brand to position CEO, Joanna Gardiner as an expert on all things skin. We also helped them celebrate a milestone, as Elave became the first skincare company in Ireland to be ECOCERT certified natural and organic for their award-winning baby products.


We celebrated this achievement with a special Baby Safe Skincare brunch at House in Dublin, where invited guests learned all about managing new-born and sensitive baby’s skin from Joanna Gardiner and Dermatology Nurse Specialist, Selene Daly.


Currently we are working with Elave to increase their visibility online, and have produced a series of educational videos with Selene Daly. We also plan to host a number of in-pharmacy skincare events – watch this space!