Charities Institute Ireland

About this project

In a letter to the Irish Times in January 2018, Depaul CEO Kerry Anthony referenced the charity’s membership of Charities Institute Ireland as a way of illustrating their professionalism and credibility, stating, “The organisation is committed to good governance and transparency and is registered with Charities Institute Ireland.”


When we started working with the newly-formed Cii in November 2016, headed up by social entrepreneur Lucy Masterson, the organisation was unknown. They had big ambitions: to restore public confidence in the charity sector. We worked with Cii to discover their messages, which we then distilled further into the ‘Cii Triple Lock’ quality mark. In order to obtain the Cii Triple Lock, charities must be able to demonstrate their commitment to the principles of good governance, transparent accounting and ethical fundraising principles.


One year later, in November 2017, Cii held its first Annual Conference, attended by some 200 of the charity sector’s most influential and well-respected people, both here in Ireland and internationally. At the event, Cii launched the Charities 2037; the largest report on the sector in the history of the State.


The report received wall-to-wall media coverage and positioned Cii as the authority on Ireland’s charity sector. To be a member of Cii is now a mark of professionalism in the charity sector.