Storytelling for Business

Stories are how we humans express ourselves and are therefore central to the culture and brand of our organisations. They define how the organisation sees itself and how it is seen by others.

Why us?

We have a unique offering that will help you build effective stories in your organisation. We understand that consumers build their own relationships with brands based not on the information they receive, but rather the stories they hear. We also understand the importance of stories in an organisation, stories told internally and externally, via the media, at a conference, in a meeting or when meeting new acquaintances.


“Know your story or die” – Listen to Cilian on RTÉ Radio’s The Business talk about the importance of storytelling with Evelyn O’Rourke .

Our Approach



We help you Discover your organisation’s unique story and ethos. We will explore the origin of that story, how it lives today and where it is going in the future.



We then help you Develop your organisation’s story suite which will capture key moments, exemplify values in action and a compelling organisational vision.



Finally, we teach you ways in which to Deliver your organisation’s story in an impactful and memorable way on the most effective and appropriate platforms.

“I would recommend this course to anyone in a public facing role as it is a very practical and insightful introduction into how to tell the right stories for your business. I found Cilian’s approach to teaching very effective as he enables you to continually question how the material is relevant to your specific story. I have come away from this course with a list of clear goals and tasks to work on, and I know that both I, and the Little Museum, will benefit from my learnings on this course over the coming years.”

Sarah Costigan, Director of Development, Little Museum of Dublin