Reflections on 10 years in business

Stillwater Communications 10 years in business

Reflections on 10 years in business

Last November we celebrated our 10th birthday at Stillwater Communications. We started out as a two person team with the hope that we could persuade clients that stories are the most powerful way through which to communicate. 10 years on, we have evolved into a confident communications consultancy that has helped hundreds of amazing clients to tell their story.

During this time so much has changed. The world has got smaller, faster and ever more changing. Technology has both been an enabler and a challenge to small businesses. We have had a boom, a bust and a recovery. Our confidence was broken and now it is blooming again. At Stillwater, we have had the privilege of helping organisations across all sectors and around the world communicate through this turbulence and we have loved every minute of it.

Some of the clients we are working with…

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To mark our coming of age, we have given ourselves a whole new look with an elegant new rebrand and completely refurbished offices. With this refreshed identity, we are even more confident and excited about the next 10 years.