Public Relations

An effective public relations campaign communicates your story to your customers, potential clients and those you want to influence. It protects your image and enhances your reputation.

Why us?

At Stillwater Communications, our dedicated PR team will work with you to unearth and clarify the core messages of your organisation. We use our skills to increase your presence in the media and improve your profile amongst your target market. From writing and disseminating press releases to organising photo opportunities and creating good relationships with journalists, our team will work on getting your message into the media.

Our Approach



We help you Discover the story of your organisation and your campaign, and the key messages that you want to portray.



We then help you Develop your campaign’s messaging and key slogans to make them memorable and impactful.



Finally, we help you Deliver your campaign by liaising with journalists, securing media coverage and interviews and helping you manage your social media presence. We also provide media training and speech writing workshops when needed.