Project Slándáil

About this project

Stillwater was the lead communications partner in an EU funded project Slándáil (607691), led by Trinity College, which aimed to improve the use of social media in disaster management (2014 – 2017). One of the challenges facing emergency responders in a major emergency is how to filter, analyse and interpret social media information in a timely manner in order to initiate an appropriate response. Working with partners from academia, technology & emergency services across Europe, we developed an advanced social media monitoring platform that will ultimately improve the response times and effectiveness of emergency services in times of natural crisis.


Stillwater also carried out a significant amount of research on the role that trust plays in communications during a disaster. This led to the development of guidelines on how to build trust through communications that were subsequently adopted by our disaster management agency partners.


While the project itself has come to an end, Stillwater is looking forward to continuing to work with TCD on two new spin-off companies.

Overview of Slándáil by Rebecca Bury