Why us?

We have over 25 years of high-level media experience in TV, radio and newspaper and offer individually tailored media training in both workshop format and one-to-one training. We have facilitated over 1,000 media training sessions and work with employees at every level from public and private sector organisations to help them define and communicate their messages effectively.

Our Approach

Media Training


We help you Discover your story and the objective of your interview, your audience, and the key messages that you want to get across in the interview.

Media Training


We then help you Develop your content to be relevant, memorable and understandable, to structure it, and teach you how to handle difficult questions.

Media Training


Finally, we help you Deliver your media interview in a confident, clear and persuasive way and win your audience using values, examples, evidence and stories. We also teach you how to control nerves and anxiety, and use video recording and playback to illustrate.