RTÉ Centenary Show

As Ireland reached the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Rising, Cilian was approached to create and produce a show that would tell the story of Ireland over the past one hundred years through music, song and dance. This special Centenary show was to be broadcast live on RTÉ on Easter Monday and was to be the culmination of the Easter weekend commemorations.


In total, 600 people were involved in the production, including 21 choirs, 10 actors, 18 dancers, six aerial dancers, the RTÉ Concert Orchestra and an 80-strong stage crew. The unique celebration featured a stunning audio-visual array of artists and performers, bringing the audience through 18 chapters of Ireland’s history, from its cultural awakening right through to present day.


Thousands took to social media to voice their appreciation with #Centenary trending globally on Twitter for two days.  The show has been watched by over a million people and has received worldwide acclaim from both critics and the public alike.

'Awakening' from Centenary | RTÉ One


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