‘I firmly believe that our environment has a massive impact on how we feel, how we behave and how we interact with each other.’

Denise O’Connor is the MD of architecture and design firm, Optimise Design. Her team creates design led homes that enhance people’s lives. In 10 years, Denise has seen a transformation in how people are living in and adapting to their homes. She and her team focus on design that reflects a new wave of creativity in Ireland.

Since we began our work with Denise, she has appeared in The Sunday Independent, The Irish Examiner, The Irish Times, Image Living and Interiors and House/Edit.

Denise celebrated Optimise Design’s 10th Birthday Party in June at House on Leeson Street. She was joined by RTÉ Lifestyle Podcast Host, Taragh Loughrea Grant and a panel of experts from the world of design, to discuss 10 years of design in Ireland. Listen to the podcast, here.

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Denise O'Connor at Know Your Home Truths an exclusive evening with Optimise Design in the Merrion Hotel on Tuesday, March 14th. Attendees heard expert advice on buying and renovating to ensure long-term, sustainable living from speakers including Optimise Design owner, architect and interior designer Denise O’Connor, Kevin Moran from Moran Builders and Nicola Williams, Bergins Estate Agents. photo Kieran Harnett

Optimise Design

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NO REPRO FEE 21/6/2016. Campaigners Florian Scheibein, Helena Mullin, Elizabeth Chaconas and Dan Kirby  staged a protest installation today  at St.Stephen's Green to call on the Government and the public to support drug policy reform. Members of Help Not Harm, Citywide, BeLonGTo youth group, Students for Sensible Drug Policy Ireland, NORML and International Nurses Society on Addictions (Irish Chapter) came out ahead of the international Support. Don't Punish.  Global Day of Action on June 26th, an awareness day which aims to highlight the inadequacies of current drug laws and the need for new harm reduction measures.75% of all drug arrests in Ireland are for possession of drugs for personal use. This is a highly wasteful use of already limited Garda resources, which should instead be focused on tackling gang-related crime and drug trafficking. "said Graham de Barra, Director of Help Not Harm. 'Countries like Portugal and Switzerland have moved away from a criminal justice response towards a health-based approach and the results have shown a reduction in HIV rates, a reduction in drug overdoses and an increase in access to treatment.'he added
The campaigners are calling in particular for the decriminalisation of drugs for personal use. There are on average 679 drug_related deaths every year in Ireland, one of the highest rates in the EU. By contrast Portugal, a country which decriminalised all drugs for personal use in 2001,  has an average of 32 drug-related deaths every year, a number well below the European average. Photo: Photocall Ireland.

Help Not Harm

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Baby Led Feeding Chocolate Sauces taken by Aileen Cox Blundell.

Baby Led Feeding

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“‘I firmly believe that our environment has such a massive effect on how we feel, how we behave and how we interact with each other.’”