Natasha publishes first book The Daughterhood

Are you mad about your mother, or does your mother drive you mad?

When Natasha Fennell’s mother was diagnosed with a progressive illness, she wasn’t ready to deal with the inevitable consequences. She wondered how she would cope when her mother was gone, and a process of self-scrutiny began. Had she been a good enough daughter? What more could she do for her mother? And would she have the time to do all the things she wanted with her mother before she died? Natasha knew she couldn’t be the only one feeling this way.

As she talked to other daughters about their mothers Natasha quickly learned that they had similar fears but had never spoken about them before. A friendship blossomed with Róisín Ingle and after a call-out in Róisín’s column, hundreds of responses poured in. From there The Daughterhood was born.

An impromptu, informal self-help club was formed – albeit one that involved wine and good food – as once a month a group of women would come together at Natasha’s house in Dublin to discuss their relationships with their mothers. So began an eruption of laughter, tears, incredible stories and support as, over a period of months, each of the daughters committed to completing various tasks in the hope of improving their relationships with their mother – before it’s too late.

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